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Five Things To Do While You Wait on God


It’d be nice if there were an hourglass in front of us, displaying how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. But it doesn’t seem the case. Or, at least I’ve never seen one.

Seasons of waiting are definitely a part of the journey! There are times when you must learn to be patient. There are times when you simply aren’t ready. So while you wait, you prepare.

Things to do during your wait:


  1. Listen

Might be kind of obvious, but you praying and listening. Asking and finding what things you need to do as preparation. (Which leads to my next thing!)


  1. Prepare

So after a lot of praying and even more listening, you’ve found your clear path. It’s time to do whatever your “Preparation” is.

It depends on what you’re waiting for. Preparation is all sorts of things. Maybe you plan on moving, but God hasn’t shown you where you’re going. It could be time to clean your house! God will show you what you should do to prepare.


  1. Live a dream

For me, if I focus too much on tasks I don’t enjoy, I basically implode. I lose my focus, drive, everything. The urge to quit increases exponentially. So this is where it’s time to do something different. Work on a project, write a story, play with your siblings, or hang out with friends- that is if you have any. Do something you enjoy!

(It’d probably be healthier if you were doing things like this regularly, and not to the point of implosion once you do these things, but it can be hard. I know I’m still working on it!)


  1. Get to know yourself

This one might be a strange concept, but this is a reality. Often, others know us better than we know ourselves! What do you love doing most of all? What are you skilled at? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are you most afraid of, and why?


  1. Remove thing that doesn’t fit

Remove negative relationships, hobbies you don’t enjoy, and physical items that you all you see is negativity inside. Even if you find yourself with nothing left, it’s better to have nothing, than it all to be negative. Think of it as emptying your space, so you can fill it with things that matter.



The other side is that sometimes God is waiting on you. Waiting on God doesn’t mean doing nothing. To me, seasons of waiting are seasons of preparation.

Waiting can be quite frustrating at times, but it’s worth it in the end. Don’t be discouraged, no matter how long the wait. Answers will come. God’s timing is perfect and He won’t fail you.

God bless,




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