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Children of Our Futures

If we look at examples in the Bible, circumstances never stopped God's people from multiplying and becoming a mighty people. Through slavery and captivity (Exodus 1:7-12), in foreign lands (Jeremiah 29:4-6), during famine (Genesis 47:27), the command was still the same: "Be fruitful and multiply," Genesis 1:28. Why was this? Could it be that our mindset of needing a… Continue reading Children of Our Futures

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When Girls Objectify Boys

Many girls hate when guys objectify them. When guys think of girls as nothing more than a thing to use as they please, someone to control, etc. But amidst all their complaining of how guys are evil, selfish beings, and that there no good guys left, most girls are doing the same thing they hate those… Continue reading When Girls Objectify Boys

Annie Louise Twitchell, Mental Health, poetry

Carpenter’s Tears

Carpenter's Tears Do you think that He has forgotten you? Your body is a rotting wasteland of hollow bones and empty veins. Do you think that He has forgotten you? The carpenter’s hands are bleeding but still He reaches to take you in. Blood washes over, blood and love that cleanses, makes whole again. Humanity… Continue reading Carpenter’s Tears

Annie Harley, Christian Dating

3 Ways to Make God First in Your Relationship

Dating is something many teens are thinking about. You may be thinking of who is the cutest couple you know, or maybe you’re thinking about the relationship between your two favorite fictional characters. You may even be thinking about your own relationship. Whether you’re dating now or not, it’s always a good idea to know… Continue reading 3 Ways to Make God First in Your Relationship