What “In, Not Of” Looks Like | Olivia J

Welcome back to the second installment of "In, Not Of"! I'm your host, Olivia J., and I'll be discussing today's extremely objective topic in a totally not-biased manner. I hope you glean something from the absolute truth that lies within this perfectly written blog post. Okay, just kidding. Cutting through all the red tape, what… Continue reading What “In, Not Of” Looks Like | Olivia J

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Using Etiquette When Arguing

By Keturah Lamb One of my great loves (weaknesses) is arguing. Sometimes I can hold my tongue. But a lot of the time... It's just that when people say such "silly" things or when people or ideas are "unfairly mistreated" I MUST stand up for them. And sometimes I just look for something to argue/discuss… Continue reading Using Etiquette When Arguing

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Living Fearlessly

Hello, Readers from afar! We’re here, again, in the midget-cave. The only sounds are my laptop breathing and the clicking of keys. I’d say fear is something everyone deals with. It can be a good thing! Like a fear of danger, that makes you look both ways before crossing the street. But often, fear can… Continue reading Living Fearlessly

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The Only Christian: Being a Christian in a Secular Company

How can you stand out as a Christian in a secular company? Unless you are planning to work in the Church or for a specifically Christian company, you will likely find yourself working in a secular company. Maybe you will be one of many Christians or maybe you will be the only one. Either way,… Continue reading The Only Christian: Being a Christian in a Secular Company

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Carpenter’s Tears

Carpenter's Tears Do you think that He has forgotten you? Your body is a rotting wasteland of hollow bones and empty veins. Do you think that He has forgotten you? The carpenter’s hands are bleeding but still He reaches to take you in. Blood washes over, blood and love that cleanses, makes whole again. Humanity… Continue reading Carpenter’s Tears

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Not My Idol

Has your boy/girlfriend become an idol? “Little children, keep yourselves from idols. Amen.” 1 John 5:21 The Bible mentions idolatry a great deal in both the Old and New Testaments. Most people dismiss it because they know that they aren’t worshiping statues, so certainly they haven’t succumbed to the trap of idolatry. But is that… Continue reading Not My Idol